What We Do

Seeking Professional Guidance from a Local Commercial Construction Contractor Near Olympia, WA?

Broad Capability

Construction Versitility to Meet all Your Needs

J.A.M. Construction, Inc. has spent nearly two decades perfecting our skills and knowledge as a popular commercial construction contractor in Washington state. From new corporate buildings and industrial complexes to retail stores and restaurants, J.A.M. Construction, Inc. is well versed in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and municipal buildings.

Examples of our premium craftsmanship and contracting work can be found across Seattle, Kent, Longview, Lakewood, Olympia, Renton, Tacoma, Vancouver, WA and beyond. Adapting commercial structures to shift from one tenant to another one can be tricky, but that’s another of our specialties at J.A.M. Construction, Inc. We handle everything from foundation and site work to installing and replacing plumbing and electrical wiring. J.A.M. Construction, Inc. helps commercial landlords keep their properties full and their tenants satisfied.

Partnering With Us

Efficient, Qualified, and Streamlined Service

Our team has the ability to efficiently handle a wide variety of construction and renovation work for a wide selection of commercial enterprises, including bars and restaurants, fast food environments and commercial kitchens, retail outlets and department stores, manufacturing centers and light industrial plants, and more.

When you work with J.A.M. Construction, Inc., you’ll quickly notice that our work is efficient, highly qualified, and streamlined to provide you with an industry-leading experience. Choose J.A.M. Construction, Inc. for your next project to ensure your office or other commercial space is built or renovated exactly as you expect and meets the industry’s highest standards for quality.